Gold Medalist Chloe Kim Tweets That She's Hungry and Savvy Businesses Jump at the Opportunity to Get Her Something to Eat

When you’re an Olympic gold medalist, people treat you…just a bit different. Whenever I say out loud that I’m getting hungry, I’m the one who has to march into the kitchen to make myself something to eat. But when Chloe Kim — 2018 Olympic snowboarding gold medalist for the USA — says she’s getting hungry (actually, she said she was “getting hangry”), then restaurants and food companies from all around the world will trip all over themselves to get her something to eat.

In a tweet a couple days ago, Chloe said:

“Wish I finished my breakfast sandwich but my stubborn self decided not to and now I’m getting hangry” 

According to a recent article in the Washington Post, a long list of companies were quick to respond, including Roy Rogers Restaurants, California Pizza Kitchen, Oreo, Vermont Smoke & Cure (which offered Chloe its meat sticks), and even Durham, North Carolina’s Cocoa Cinnamon coffee shop which responded, “Turn that hangry to happy with these digital churros and chocolate.”

Chloe’s tweet definitely attracted a lot of attention — as of right now, 102,000 people have liked her tweet and 11,000 have retweeted it. I suspect she could tweet about most anything right now and get a similar response.

Says Jay Curley, marketing manager of Ben & Jerry’s (which responded to a different tweet by Chloe this week expressing her desire for ice cream), “It was pretty straightforward. We pay attention to what people are saying online, and we like to send out ice cream to our fans, whether they’re regular folks or celebrities.”

Of course, most regular Ben & Jerry’s fans aren’t going to get the big cooler filled with an assortment of ice cream flavors that the company sent to Chloe free of charge.

When it comes to marketing their products and services, savvy companies know that they can leverage their brands by linking themselves to the social media of popular athletes, celebrities, and others people who are in the public eye. It doesn’t cost the company anything, and who knows? Maybe they’ll sell an extra pizza, bag of cookies, pint of ice cream, or meat stick as a result.

It certainly doesn’t hurt to try.

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Joan Guzman