GOAT legs could keep robots upright over rough terrain

Most of the robots in existence are clumsy buffoons. Case in point: As advanced as our robots have become, they’re mostly still lacking the very human ability to avoid falls by making seemingly negligible changes to speed, center of balance and range of motion. In short, it’s not the sort of thing you’d fear in a robot apocalypse. It’s hard to fear a robot that can’t walk over uneven terrain or slippery surfaces, after all. Carnegie Mellon University student Simon Kalouche has other ideas. Kalouche’s leg is designed for maximum range of motion and easy force reduction. In other words, it can…

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The Chemistry Behind The Battery That Could Outperform Tesla’s Powerwall

A new type of battery could provide better storage for renewable energy than Tesla’s Powerwall. Here’s how it works.

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Could This Be The Nintendo NX Controller?

We’re still a few months out from hearing about Nintendo’s new console, codenamed NX, but the patent system may have some clues about what it’s going to look like. NeoGaf recently spotted a patent filed back in February for something called an “operation apparatus,” better known as a controller. It comes with two face buttons, two joysticks, scrolling shoulder wheels and d-pad, as well as a big second screen right in the center. Check it out below.

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