Apple Loop: Glass iPhone 8 Details Leak, iPhone 7 Changes Everything, Pokemon Go’s Biggest Problems

This week’s Apple Loop includes the new colors and storage options for the iPhone 7, why everything is new in Apple’s 2016 smartphone, the complications of curved glass on the iPhone 8, the future of the iPhone SE, thoughts on the headphone jack removal, a MacGyvered set of lightning earpods, the release of Pokemon Go, and registering as an organ donor on your smartphone.

Cloud Computing

Will Oculus explode or flop like Google Glass?

The virtual reality display manufacturer Oculus made news in July when it was announced that the company, owned by Facebook, had acquired the 3D gesture and tracking startup Pebbles Interfaces for a whopping $ 60 million. This buyout is one of the latest in a series of companies working in the field of VR that have been snatched up in recent months by companies like Oculus: What are they up to? Up to this point, the whole VR field has been treated with a fair amount of skepticism, with many remembering the early ‘90s when clunky forms of VR systems were presented…

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